5 Reasons a dance floor is the perfect addition to your photo booth

1. Make more money

A dance floor is the perfect addition to your photo booth set up. With a dance floor, you can charge more for your events because you are offering your customer more features.

2. Stand out from the competition

Having a dance floor with your photo booth also makes you stand out from the competition because you can offer potential customers a different package from everyone else.

3. Transform the venue

With a dance floor you can liven up the venue and draw people to your photo booth. You don’t have to worry about the photo booth going unoticed

4. Cut out the middle man

Having your own dance floor means no more hiring other people to supply the dance floor for you, which means you can cut out the middle man. You also don’t need to worry about your reputation because you aren’t relying on anyone else to help make your customers event happen.

5. Peace of mind

Once the dance floor is set up, there is no need to attend it. You can leave the dance floor and not have to worry about maintaining it. You can just relax and let your customers freely move from the mirror and the dance floor.