LED Dance Floors

Dancefloors offer LED dance floors for sale across the whole of the UK. Our stunning dance floors are available in a variety of colours and available in all sizes. Their design also allows for easy upscaling and downscaling, allowing you to extend or reduce the size of your dance floor with ease. They have been manufactured with the customer in mind, therefore are durable, easy to transport, easy to clean, and overall incredibly easy to use.

Manufactured to withstand

Our LED dance floors are made from a combination of strong foamboard and acrylic to ensure that they are sturdy, and lightweight too! Our extensive testing showed that dance floors made from a wooden base are prone to bend, and even break in certain temperatures. Our LED Dance floors all come with a 12 month guarantee.

Easy to assemble

Our most popular size 16ft x 16ft LED Dance Floor, can be assembled in roughly around 25 minutes. This means it is quick enough to be laid down during a wedding reception if required.

Easy to maintain

Exclusive to our LED Dance Floors, all bulbs are easily accessible, so that if one bulb blows, you can simply replace it! This is unlike other dance floors where you may need to replace the entire tile. It shouldn’t cost you any more than £2 to replace a broken bulb!

Swap & Select Colour Options

Replace the colour of your LED Dance Floor by purchasing tile fascias. A much more cost effective method than replacing the entire dance floor. (Interchange Range no longer available)

Available in three ranges:

LED Dance Floor
Available in Black and White
LED Dance Floor available in any size, fixed colour option or
Sparkling LED in White.

RGB Colour Master LED Dance Floor
Available in Black or White
RGB LED Dance Floor available in any size, with multi coloured RGB LED Lights. Change your lights with a portable device.

Bespoke LED Dance Floor’s
Available in a number of different colour’s
Our RGB and LED Bespoke Dance Floor’s are available from 20X20, with multi coloured RGB Lights or the Classic white LED starlight effect.

To find out more about our LED Dance Floors for Sale, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. Use our quick enquiry form to drop us a message, or send us an email to sales@dancefloors.co.uk You can also reach us by phone on 0161 9641882 and we will be happy to talk to you.