What makes our LED Dance Floors the best?

What makes our LED Dance Floors so special is that you can change the colour of your dance floor tiles, without having to buy and entirely brand new dance floor. This also offer many other benefits…

ChangeTiles - LED dance floors

Interchangable colour tiles

Change the colour of your dance floor without buying a new one. Simply overlay a tile fascia to choose the colour of your floor.

All of our LED dance floors are supplied with black and white tile fascias as standard, other colours are available on request.

Wash - LED dance floors

Easy to clean dance floor

Because your dance floor uses a colour fascia overlay, it makes cleaning really easy. Infact, you can simply remove the tile and run it under the tap if you need to.

Changable-Bulbs - LED dance floors

Replace LED dance floor bulbs

If a bulb breaks or blows on your LED dance floor you no longer need to replace the entire tile. Simply replace the faulty bulb individually and quickly. It won’t cost you any more than £3 to get it changed.

Our dance floors have also been manufactured to combat all kinds of negative experiences that other customers have experienced with other suppliers. These include:

SpringLoaded - LED dance floors

Spring Loaded Circuit Clips

Our LED dance floors use spring loaded circuit clips to ensure connectivity is maintained at all time, no matter how much bouncing or impact the dance floor takes throughout an event.

NoTools - LED dance floors

Easy to assemble dance floor (No tools required)

The LED dance floor simply locks into place, it’s really easy to assemble and you don’t need to use any tools!

Plug-and-Play - LED dance floors

Plug & Play dance floor

Assemble the tiles and plug it in to the mains. No other wires are required.

NoWood - LED dance floors

We don’t use wood!

Our research found that some dance floors manufactured from wood are prone to bend, and can even become rotten if drinks are spilt on them. Ours are made from a combination of foamboard and acrylic to ensure they are lightweight, yet durable.

Lightweight - LED dance floors


Our lightweight dance floors are easy to transport and easy to assemble.

Weight - LED dance floors


Our LED dance floors have been manufactured to withstand. Whilst we haven’t had an elephant test them, we have tried various types of shoes and stamping to ensure the floors are not going to break.

Eco - LED dance floors

Eco Friendly

Our LED bulbs are Eco friendly making it less impactful on the environment.

RemoteControl - LED dance floors

Wireless Dance Floor

Use the provided remote control to change the speed of your LED lights on your sparkling dance floor. There are more than 3+ different speed variations to choose from.